Troy Barnes is a graduate from both Riverside High School and Greendale Community College.He is hinted to be gay. "Intro to Political Science": Troy and Abed broadcast the student president election on GCTV. "Intro to Felt Surrogacy": Lost in the woods with the Study Group, Troy tells his most terrible secret, that he started the Greendale Fire of 2003 by trying to burn an ant hill. "Introduction to Finality": Troy learns of his AC destiny and is then compelled to solve the mystery behind Robert Laybourne's untimely death by challenging Murray to a showdown in The Sun Chamber. "Course Listing Unavailable": Troy reassures the study group that they will be all right even though they have been expelled from school because they still have each other. Terry Windell. (No.) An encounter with Jerry the janitor makes Troy aware of the exceptional repair man skills he possesses. The astounding navigational feats of wild creatures can teach us a lot about where we’re going. “Sometimes the irony is so great that the irony turns into cherry pie: I met Allie on the first day of Native American Heritage Month.”. Come on down to Lou’s Boy-Repair Shop! Troy is often subjected to Shirley's motherly ways and never wants to disappoint her. People born on February 16 are known to be artistic and very intelligent. Troy and Abed enjoy one last adventure at school and, thanks to Britta's persistence, admit how much they will miss each other. While he is constructing a Pillow Fort with Abed they have a falling out resulting in a campus wide civil war. LeVar Burton Actor, presenter, director, podcaster and author. "Herstory of Dance": Troy helps Britta with her Sophie B. Hawkins dance while vainly trying to pull pranks. Browse through this article for a list of famous people born on 16th February and also know more about their personality traits. "Alternative History of the German Invasion": Troy and the Study Group fight The Germans for having taken over Group Study Room F. "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations": Troy, Abed, Pierce and Annie attend Shirley's Thanksgiving Day dinner with her in-laws. Directed by Buzz Kulik. He becomes jealous when Abed introduces him to a new friend he made online called Toby Weeks. I'm in. That's a fun time snack!! Black Lives Matter, police brutality, and the long history of racism in America. Today’s Highlight in History: On Feb. 16, 1959, Fidel Castro became premier of Cuba a … When it's discovered that Jeff lied about being a Spanish tutor, the rest of the study group kicks him out. While at GCC he grew very close to a study group he joined, particularly Abed Nadir who became his best friend and Britta Perry whom he dated for a year. "Mixology Certification": Troy celebrates his twenty first birthday at a bar with the rest of the study group. A news report suggests that while on the trip Troy and LeVar Burton were taken hostage by pirates. "Aerodynamics of Gender": Jeff and Troy discover a secret place which contains a trampoline and is tended to by the school groundskeeper Joshua. Troy character loses his clothing in a poker game. "Pascal's Triangle Revisited": Troy decides to move in with Pierce. He attends an acting class with Britta and lies about a childhood trauma, at first to win the respect of his classmates but later to to take advantage of Britta's attraction to "damaged" men. In his first year at Greendale, Troy went on one date with a classmate of his with the ambiguous name of Randi. "Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples": Troy stars in Abed's apology to Shirley movie about Jesus. To revisit this article, select My Account, then. The impact of the pandemic and the efforts at recovery. "Cooperative Polygraphy": Troy is bequeathed Pierce's shares of Hawthorne Wipes on the condition that he sail around the world. show. Reporting, Profiles, breaking news, cultural coverage, podcasts, videos, and cartoons from The New Yorker. Sometime after their journey started it was reported that LeVar Burton and his "non-celebrity companion" were captured by pirates off the Gulf of Mexico. "Contemporary American Poultry": Troy acts as the "bagman" in Abed's chicken finger mafia and gets a pet monkey which he names "Annie's Boobs". Troy later receives a voice mail that hints Chang hooked up with Shirley that same night. ", "The only thing I have to know about the universe is that, "Bing, bong, sing along! Oh, that's good no-no juice. No-no juice! "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism": Troy and Annie try to stop Abed from seeking Batman style vengeance on their landlord for the supposed theft of a Dark Knight DVD. Coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, from the science of vaccines to the culture of quarantine. All rights reserved. Medical science alone won’t be able to turn the tide. He instead accepts a previous offer he got from Pierce and moves into his mansion with him. I'll do it. "The Science of Illusion": Troy does the first Troy and Abed in the Morning! LeVar Burton. My whole brain is crying! A new book argues that current standards of affirmative consent overemphasize knowing what we want. Troy's nicknames include "T-Bone", "Butt Soup", "The Disco Spider", "Constable Reggie", "George Washington Lemon Fresca", "Butts Carlton". Ian Frazier on combatting gun violence, Rachel Aviv on a psychologist’s theory of memory, Kathryn Schulz on how animals navigate, and more. You're the best. Is your boy showing signs of toxic masculinity? "Asian Population Studies": Troy tells Shirley about a voice mail message he received from Chang that stated that she and Chang hooked up on Halloween. Jeff: Any other meaningless conspiracy theories? "Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps": Troy tells a horror story about him and Abed as jet fighter pilots who end up being sewn together. Series that introduced the song “Conjunction Junction”: fifteen letters. His current whereabouts are unknown. Jeff and Troy have shared interests in numerous things such as, Troy has had the least interaction with Shirley out of all the study group members. "Geothermal Escapism": Troy leaves Greendale Community College to pursue the challenge set up by Pierce: To sail around the world in one year. Troy has a traumatic balloon ride with the rest of the study group and reveals to them his most shameful secret: he started the Greendale Fire of '03. Bounty hunter Ralph "Papa" Thorson is receiving death threats from a criminal he helped put away. He and Abed build a blanket fort together, have a friendly competition over the affections of the school librarian and rally the Greendale students when the school is invaded by City College. "Introduction to Teaching": Troy, Abed, Shirley, Annie and Britta take a Nicolas Cage themed class. At Abed's insistence, Troy, Annie, Shirley and Britta take a Nicolas Cage-themed media studies course taught by Professor Sean Garrity. ...And Shirley's not my mom! Marjorie Taylor Greene said that the absence of a protective dome made the bill a “non-starter.”. Troy has a deceased cousin named "Dimitri". "Heroic Origins": Abed's investigation into the group's interactions before they met at Greendale reveals that Troy's keg flip that ruined his football scholarship was due to things Annie said to him at a high school party. "Studies in Modern Movement": Troy and Abed welcome their new roommate Annie into the apartment. Troy is 5'10" tall, according to Abed in the episode, Troy is a Jehovah's Witness, as stated in ". 9 Episodes 2005. Troy tries to move in with Abed in his dorm room but is told by his friend that living together at this point would put too much of a strain on their friendship. "Curriculum Unavailable": Abed is order to attend a psychiatric session with Dr. Heidi that the Study Group also attends which results in a number of eccentric flashbacks. he later hits the Christmas Wizard with nun chucks. "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking": It's hinted by a news report that Troy was captured by pirates alongside his co-captain LeVar Burton. This while his girlfriend is about to give birth, an event he isn't looking forward to. "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons": Troy is Bing Bong the Archer in the D&D game. You are not Shirley! "Geography of Global Conflict": Troy represents the country Georgia in the Model UN but speaks like he is from Georgia the state. "Competitive Ecology": When made lab partners, Troy and Abed realize they spend too much time together. Troy Barnes is a graduate from both Riverside High School and Greendale Community College. Troy and the rest of the group also form a teacher/student alliance called the "Save Greendale Committee". Troy, Britta Abed, Jeff and Annie all attend the Inspector Spacetime convention. "Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations", "Alternative History of the German Invasion", "Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care", Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy, Alternative History of the German Invasion, Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations,, aka "T-Bone", "Butt Soup", "The Disco Spider", "The Truest Repairman", Troy began the series as an arrogant, selfish jock who was so concerned with keeping his former High School status that he wore his, Pierce and Troy initially started a friendship based on mutual adolescence. Actor. A popular figure at Riverside, Troy was the star quarterback of the football team and also the prom king. "Contemporary Impressionists": Troy prevents Abed from having his legs broken (since Abed owes money to a celebrity for hire service) by having the study group act as various celebrities at a Bar Mitzvah. Annie, who still had a huge crush on Troy at the time, reluctantly helped him prepare for the date. Troy dresses as early Michael Jackson. "Anthropology 101": Troy is upset with Jeff for "hogging the doughnuts"; Pierce discovers Troy has been quoting him on a Twitter account called "Old White Man Says". Roxann Dawson. ". We fear and yearn for “the singularity.” But it will probably never come. Troy and the group eventually manage to expose Chang as the true culprit and redeem themselves by saving the school from his rule. "Introduction to Statistics": Troy dresses as Eddie Murphy for Annie's Halloween party and bonds with Abed. Accompanying him is his co-anchor and idol, LeVar Burton. Troy discovers on his birthday that he is actually turning 21 years old and the study group takes him to a bar to celebrate. "Modern Warfare": Troy is taken out of the Paintball Assassin game by the Glee Club. With Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton. "Accounting for Lawyers": Troy helps reveal that Alan Connor ratted out Jeff to the state bar and later participates in the Pop and Locktoberfest. The President’s investment in “human infrastructure” could define his Administration. When Troy and the others later find Jeff depressed on the steps of the library, they all take pity on him and invite him back. ", "You don't get to tell me what to do! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Your California Privacy Rights. Troy makes a gruesome discovery at the mansion when he finds Pierce's mom dead. At the end of Troy's first year at Greendale, he moves out of his fathers house and accepts an offer from Pierce to move into his, Initially when Troy meets Jeff he is in awe of him but that admiration fades a bit as he gets to know him better. When Abed tries to piece together any unknown connections between the study group, Troy recalls how he intentionally injured his knee in a keg flip and how he previously lied about not knowing who Annie was. He used to think that everyone was age 10 twice. Now in his sophomore year, he and the study group take Anthropology 101 together. "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts": Troy and Abed sell their signature handshake to Pierce. After the study group is expelled from Greendale by Chang, Troy met up with Murray at, Troy is a huge fan of LeVar Burton from his time as host of the popular PBS children's show. When his fellow study group member Pierce Hawthorne passed away, Troy was offered a chance to win his fortune by completing a sailing trip around the world. Troy says goodbye to everyone and climbs aboard, sharing one last look with Abed as he leaves. Take him to jail. His many admirers at school included his fellow classmate Annie Edison who would later join him at Greendale and eventually become his roommate. 17-year-old Anne Sluti was abducted in broad daylight and held captive for six days before narrowly escaping. Pierce learns that Troy had been quoting his offensive comments on a Twitter account called "Old White Man Says," but eventually forgives him when he finds out how popular the account had become. Over the summer, a shocking death at the AC school has Troy convinced it was a murder. How 'bout I pound you like a boy - that didn't come out right. Troy apparently cries when he hears "Come Sail Away" by Styx. When he helps Britta out at her dance recital it lays the seeds for future developments between them. Caribu has created video calling for kids with a library of thousands of books, activities, games, and coloring books that will keep children engaged for hours. He promises Abed to never mess with him again. During a 2020 reunion Zoom call interview, Donald was asked what he thought Troy's fate was, and he gave three different answers. Troy accepted the challenge and said goodbye to his friends before he left on the boat with his childhood idol LeVar Burton. We provide a cartoon, you provide a caption. "Biology 101": Troy and the study group return to Greendale for their third year at school. "Physical Education": Troy loves Abed's Don Draper impersonation he works on to pick up Jenny Adams. "Investigative Journalism": Troy loves Buddy's high kick. ", "Gasp! "History 101": Troy and Britta are now a couple and have their first fight. "Advanced Gay": Troy is given an offer by Vice Dean Laybourne to enroll in the Air conditioning repair school and join the secret society behind it. Britta attempted to show Troy that he should honor and cherish his grandmother. We're all gonna get through this. Troy has a tendency of pretending to be asleep whenever he is in an awkward situation. The movie version features James Van Der Beek as Sluti’s abductor and "Interpretive Dance": Britta finds out that Troy is taking dance classes at school. He just got back in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, and is safe at home with his money. They also later welcome Annie as the roommate at their apartment. "Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy": Troy and Abed try to prevent Britta from dating their new friend Lukka. There are 318 days left in the year. Before Troy embarks on his trip, Abed hosts a campus wide game of "Hot Lava" in his honor. ", "Do they do stuff to your butt? Even before COVID-19, global instability had caused a worrying rise in epidemics. Although the best friends make up, Troy and the study group are later expelled by the school board thanks to Ben Chang having framed them for causing a riot at school. 1 Episode 2001. "Epidemiology": At a school sponsored Halloween party, Troy reverts back into his original jock persona as a horrifying epidemic grips the rest of the attendees. The night before a big game, which was attended by college recruiters, he intentionally injured himself (either by dislocating both of his shoulders or faking a knee injury as accounts vary) while doing a keg flip at a party. A man named Mr. Stone carries out Pierce's will and asks them to participate in a private inquest which makes them eligible for a share of Pierce's estate. Soon after, Shirley finds out that Pierce has died and Troy and the group attend his funeral. He's lost, and it's Abed's job to try and find him. Among the three main characters who left the cast, he is the only one whose departure had a build-up, as opposed to. Today is Tuesday, Feb. 16, the 47th day of 2021. Andrew had a Lagunitas waiting for Caroline, but she’d already had two tequila shots, to cut down on Andrew’s tab. When the Ass Crack Bandit resurfaces, Troy becomes one of his victims and is traumatized by the incident. Correspondent Mo Rocca visits actor-producer LeVar Burton, who earned 12 Emmy Awards for the literacy series "Reading Rainbow." Directed by Jonathan Frakes. "Virtual Systems Analysis": Troy and Britta are set up on a lunch date by Annie. "Critical Film Studies": Dressed as "Pumpkin" for a "Pulp Fiction" theme birthday party for Abed, Troy becomes jealous of Jeff's gift for Abed and ends up ruining it. "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas": Troy becomes Troy Soldier is Abed's Christmas fantasy world and prevents the Christmas Wizard from stopping Abed from going to the North Pole. The only condition is that Troy accept the challenge of sailing around the world. (No.) Your team's Al Gore 'cuz your views are wrong.